Barr Industries Trim Rewinders are designed to wind two layers of trim from a printing or slitting machine into a dense compact cylinder of material which can be readily stored or transported.

There are two models available:
TR-400 and TR-600.

Both models automatically operate in harmony with the printing press or slitter after the trim is manually introduced to the machine, winding the trim in bobbin mode, adjusting speed to match the incoming trim.

The speed sensing is carried out by a “dancer” arm on the trim rewinder which is directly attached to a special potentiometer circuit board, large inverter and a 1 1/2 HP motor.  The “dancer” arm is adjustable for tension on the trim from a few grams to 2 kgs. If the trim is 2 or 3mm thin film then the tension is adjusted to a few grams to prevent breakage.  If the trim is heavy paper then the tension is increased to give a dense rewind.  For many applications, both trims may be wound simultaneously onto one machine.

No core is required to rewind onto the machine - it has a collapsible mandrel and the material is readily removed and stays in a dense cylindrical pack.

The Trim Rewinder has four castor wheels and brakes for easy relocation from site to site


Max. Speed