Barr Industries Log Slitters are designed to slit large rolls of material into narrower rolls accurately and easily.

There are three models available: Starting from the 230T and ranging up to the 350T

All models have an automatic core grip and automatic lubrication of the blade. Repetitive slitting operations are hand-wheel repetitive indexing.

The 230T, 330T and 350T all feature art inverter and variable motor speed, normally used when a rewinder is mounted behind the slitter.

All Barr Industries Log Slitters can be optioned to:

  • Rewinder - Unrewinder
  • Drive to Slitting Blade
230T 330T 3500T
Max roll diameters
230mm 330mm 350mm
Max roll length
1750mm 1750mm 1750mm
2755mm 2755mm 2755mm
660mm 700mm 700mm
1180mm 1200m 1270mm
100kg 130kg 130kg